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The emails below are extracts from the many emails we have enjoyed receiving from site visitors from all over the world



Your website made my day, my week, my month!!!

The books sprang to life in front of my eyes, and for someone who grew up wanting to BE Gerald Durrell it was enormously rewarding to come across your site.

Thank you sooooooooooo much.


Thanking you for providing such a detailed description of Gerald Durrell, Corfu,Theodore Stepanides, Spiro etc.

For people like me across the globe (Sri Lanka) your page means a lot.

Thank you again for showing all these places and people. Wish you all the success in your work and life.

Thushil Perera -

Bravo! A site to be treasured.

Pradipta Ray  - India

Photography Incredible ... Breathtaking ... thank you.


Great site! Keep up the good work.

B Walker  -

Very beatiful your site sorry but not speak English good we are Italian to Milan.

Tanks Good Luck.

Boboskj  -

I am far from Jersey Zoo, and the work being carried there. I take a look, and I liked. The photographs are beatiful. Greetings.

 Mgpe  - Portugal

Hi, Great site! Beautiful pictures. ...

 Russell Tofts, Author -

I think your web page on Stephanides is great!!

Professor Wilmer J. Miller -

I am writing on behalf of the World Wildlife Fund in the United States. WWF-US and the National Geographic Society are in the midst of a project to publish information on WWF's terrestrial ecoregions and Global 200 Priority ecoregions. The information will be published on an educational Web site.... Ecoregions are biogeographic units classified by geography, climate, soils, and species. The website, which is meant to educate as well as to promote conservation efforts, will include technical descriptions, species lists, educational excerpts, and photographic depictions of each ecoregion.

I am interested in using the fourth photo that is posted on your [Ring Tailed Lemur] web page ....

Tim Green  - WWF-US

I am going to see the total eclipse in Madagascar and want to produce a T-shirt to wear. It will have a photo of a ring-tailed lemur and the eclipsed sun. Can you email me a picture of ring-tailed lemur?

Sheridan Williams -

Thanks for your wonderful website. Such a lot of work has gone into it.

Martin Forbes -

I have enjoyed my look around (netwise) your zoo

Pat Bentley - Docent South Perth Zoo Western Australia

Delighted to find such an excellent site about Jersey Zoo, a fantastic institution which deserves photographic commemoration. I've added a link to your site in the Jersey section of my own webpages (the entrance to which can be found at - then you need to go to the Temple Keeper's Hut). Please keep taking those pictures!

Simon Thomas  - Sheffield 2001

I found your site serendipitously by doing a search on Google for Theodore  Stephanides. My entire family has read and loved Gerald's books for many  years, both the family tales and the animal books. Among my most prized  possessions is a letter I received from him in response to one I wrote when  I was 16. (I'm now 46, and I can lay hands on that letter in about 30 seconds.)

I enjoyed the site a great deal; thank you for the work you've put into it.

I'm planning to send the URL to my family members so that they can visit it, as well.

Melissa McCance -

What a beautiful web site. It is wonderful to see all of the sights and people from Durrell's books.

Thank you so much

All the Best,

Paul F. Lerman - System Design

Hello. I am emailing you to find out more about this moth and it's survival rates. I am emailing you from NFLD ,Canada and we have this ragwort in our pasture land and we have had the grub not the beetle introduced and it has not been able to control the ragwort. What I wanted to know is can the beetle or moth survive the harsh elements in Newfoundland? Would it be able to survive for the winter months? Thank you for your time.

John Downey -

I was just wondering if you by any chance had any information concerning the sources of the poem quotes on the Theodore Stephanides page. Are the poems still available to buy, as I am very much interested in doing so. the Golden Face and Cities of the Mind along with any other of his published work and biographies.

Carla Skinner -

We were wondering if we could have permission to use a marmoset photo from the website We would include a photo credit. We want to use it on our website and a printable factsheet.

Paula Neuman - Education Supervisor BC SPCA

I was told that the toxic substance that is extracted from the backs of poison dart frogs, which are found in South America, could be used as a way of preventing of death in patients who have had an overdose of drugs. Is this true and how can it be used without killing the patient since it is such a strong toxin?

Thank you for your time.

Dawn Torney -

Fantastic website may it's growth continue. I have admired the work of Gerald Durrell for many, many years. I know his work will continue through others, and they will do all they can towards the conservation of all species and their habitats. This will ensure a better world for them and would make not only us very proud but Gerald Durrell as well.

 Jenny Holdstock - Scarborough, N.Yorkshire

Hi, My name is Anushka and I'm from Singapore. Im doing a huge essay paper for  school on the RED RUFFED LEMURS and I'm in desperate need of help!

I need information on their habitats, not so much on where they live around the world, but like: do they live in the forest? what kind of forest, deciduous? high trees? short trees? high elevations? underground? in the desert?

I really do appreciate your help

Thanks a lot.

Anushka -

Outstanding web-site ... THANK YOU

Geoff Stagg -

I love your Ark Gallery and made some of the pictures into wallpaper for my computer. I've been very interested in Madagascar since 7th grade and I'm doing a report on lemurs to help my Bio class care more about endangered animals. I was wondering if you could send me a list of similar sites to use in my research. Thank You

Velma -

Right from the time I read my first Gerald Durrell book, I have been fascinated by his beautiful world which he has shared with millions of people.This site brought tears to my eyes when I went through it because it instantly brought back all those good times that I have had reading his books especially The Garden of the Gods.

A fitting tribute to the man and to the people and places that influenced him the most.

Aarti Sakhuja - India

This site has been a lovely surprise, a very good work!

I hope I will visit Jersey very soon.

Graciela - SPAIN

... Congratulations to this beautiful www.-Site ...

... This day really makes me happy, first - to see all the pictures of persons  (like Theodore Stephanides) I know so well from reading "My Family and other Animals", and then today I learned also that the two other books from this sequel (? sorry for my English) are being reprinted and should be available soon!!

The book is part of my summer-vacation literature every year.

Heidi  -

Thank you for the nostaglic roam through Corfu and for the work put into the site. The extent of the information and arrangement of the site is awesome and its magic to have access to the time in Corfu for the Durrells, Theo and Spiro which is so far from this part of the world.The photographs are stunning, animations delightful and unexpected. The black page, slightly tricky for eyes that have to peer. Thank you also for the list of books, some of which I knew nothing about and even with them being OOP there is always the excuse to browse through 2nd hand bookshops, offline and physical as well as the other way round!

Monica Cox -

Hello. What a great site!

 Gary Gibson  -

Hi. My name is Mike McCoy and I Iive in Manchester UK, I have just read your brief bio about Theodore Stephanides, as a great fan of all of Gerald`s and the rest of the family I would be interested to know if a biography about him was ever published and if so if it is available still,

Many thanks for any assistance that you can be in this matter.

 Mike McCoy -

Thank you for this lovely site .. to remember Our Family and Other Animals and Gerald Durrell.

 Cassandra Einstein  -

Great Site. The best site on Gerald Durrell ..THANK YOU!

Gerald Durrell photos. The BEST SITE FOR Gerald Durrell - Mom

 Paul Einstein -

I am Montse Marcet, picture researchers in Barcelona, Spain. I need very specially and urgently a picture of Echo Parakeet. I see in your web some very good pictures of this bird. There is any possibility of getting one of them?. I need to illustrate a series of endangered species. The credit line you prefer will appear besides the picture. Thanks in advance.

 Montse Marcet -

Hello I need some pictures on Gerald Durrell and his family and also of Corfu. Its a school project and I need it. Hope you will help me out.

 Marylou Tanya D'Mello -

I've been doing a report from Gerald Durrell and you've been of a grate help. Thanks (from Emili).

 Emili - craccwz1162131b0@racclub

I have just finished my fourth novel and I would like to include the poem, Night By The Sea by Theodore Stephanides. I write to you as I am having great difficulty in finding a contact address (Publisher or Estate) to gain permission. The novel is set partly in Kalami and the Poem is read out at the end of the story and poignantly, at the end of on old man's life.

I would be very grateful if you could help.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards.

 Philip Wickham -

Hi!!! The pictures on your website are amazing!!! We are making webpages on endangered animals for school. I was wondering if I could use the picures that you have for it? It would help a lot!!!

Fr. Jenna wood gr.5 U.P.S -

... It's a shame the original [My Family & Other Animals] series isn't available - perhaps a petition could be raised to lobby the BBC? I'd be pleased to help but would need some advice.

Yes, the book is brilliant. We bought the 1987 Grafton edition when the BBC first screened the series on television.

What we particularly like about the video is that it is like a breath of  fresh each time we watch it, especially during the dreary winter months.

You have a marvellous web-site and I think your efforts are appreciated by so many people. ... keep up the good work.

 Patrick Finucane -

Thank you. You have a great website, and I'm impressed with the information you've put together. Thank you! (I love your site, and I love Durrell, period!)

 Shannon Ryan -

Can you give me any enlightenment as to what has become of Idiuris kivuensis (pygmy scaly tail) to which a whole chapter is devoted in The Bafut Beagle

 James Elliott -

Hello, I want to create a nonprofit Polish website about lions and some other big cats. The problem is I don't have money to buy photos for both: creating site graphics and presenting creatures. Am looking for anyone who can help and eg. let me use his/her photos without any payment. But of course if the site becomes commercial - I believe other ways of cooperation are possible.


Jakub -

Thank you very much! I love Gerald’s books! I have read all of Durrell’s books.

I want to visit the ZOO, but it is unreal.

Julia. N. Novgorod Russia -

Just finished reading it [2 in the Bush], now I am trying to figure out how to get to see it (of course!) Resulting video must be amazing. Any clues? Thanks.

Suzanna Thomas -

I think these web pages are the best I have seen till now :)

I love Corfu island and I love this book!

The photos of Corfu and especially period rare photos of persons and villas are really beautiful and useful. Good luck in the next work.

Petra from Czech Republic -

I came across your website and saw that you had some pictures of the book covers of Mr.Durrell's book ''My Family and Other Animals.'' We are currently reading it in school and I was wondering if you would like the picture of the cover for your website.

Nida Sheriff  -

We had a great day at Jersey zoo ... We were at the zoo in July 03, whilst on the island for just a few days. The zoo came highly recommended by everyone we spoke to and we weren't disappointed. A great start for Jess in her time on the planet ...

Thanks for gallery. Matt, Jules and Jess

 Matt, Jules and Jess

HI!!! I need notes about "My Family and Other Animals" by Gerald Durrell : plot, characters, theme, style ...


 Abby -

Dear Sir! I'm very sorry for disturbing you. If it is possible, tell me please where I can download any of Durrell's books. It is very difficult to get them in Russia. Thanks a lot. Serge.

P.S.Forgive me my English, please.

 Serge -

I am at work researching new ideas for our website and I want to let you know that your site looks good, you have great information. I work for a company that offers tiger decor and chocolates.

 Kelly Socha - Customer Service  -

We were wondering if we could have permission to use a marmoset photo from the website We would include a photo credit. We want to use it on our website and a printable factsheet.

Paula Neuman - Education Supervisor BC SPCA

Great site! I have read all of the Durrell's books and I love them. I am planning to visit the zoo as soon as possible (maybe in September ). Thank you for working so hard for the wildlife conservation, we all should do it.

 Cpm -

I like the site ... Durrell helped our naturalist's society (Wakefield) out on a couple of occasions with conservation issues and on our 90th anniversary sent the Society a congratulatory telegram on the occasion of our Victorian meal at Walton Hall, a Georgian house, now a hotel, on an island in a lake in a landscapes park that Charles Waterton turned into what I think of as the world's first nature reserve, back in the 1830s.

Durrell was a fan of Waterton and his vivid nature writing. When I painted a Waterton mural for the local museum Durrell requested a large print of it. It's to my great regret that I never met him. He said if he hadn't been tied up he'd have come to the anniversary bash and I hoped that sometime I'd be able to meet up with him at Walton Hall.

 Richard Bell -

I am a Ph.D student and avid reader of Gerald Durrell's books.

I would like to obtain a copy of Theodore Stephanides' book - Cities of the Mind. I first saw it on the Gerald Durrell website but it seems to be unavailable in book shops here.

I shall be very grateful if you let me know how I can get a copy.

 Seema -

Hello, I found your pages on olive groves in Corfu whilst looking for some  information on wildlife in Corfu. We have just returned from an excellent holiday in Corfu. Whilst we were  there we met a Corfiot family whose children took delight in presenting us with examples of the local insect life. They wanted us to see what they  called an 'augustaritsa' but whatever it was had vanished by the time we got to where it was. From their description it sounds like it was a reptile of some sort but we couldn't be sure. Do you have any ideas as to what it might have been?

 Ian Burns -  [Email address supplied]

I was looking up my brothers name when I came across your site, I enjoyed it and found it very interesting

Jim & Luci Giles -

Hello. I am interested into one of Gerald Durrell's books "My Family and Other Animals". I really like to see his family's pictures such as Leslie, Margo, Lerry, his mother, Spiro, Dr. Theodore, etc.

Please help me how can I find this pictures.

This book is one of my best childhood memories!

 A. Seddighi (Mr.) -

Interesting web site.

I am also looking for a copy of the video of "My Family and Other Animals" so was interested in your comment to the BBC. I was wondering if you had actually contacted the BBC regarding this or if you have an address or email of who to contact. Maybe if lots of people write then they will re-issue it!

Thanks for your time,

Julie -

... You cannot imagine how happy I am! I look at my photos next to the wonderful sites of other people sharing the same feelings about Durrell as I do and I feel absolutely happy and content. Thank you very much! I have few more photos to send to you which I will do a bit later.

About me – I am Russian but now I live in England. When I was a small girl I was crazy about animals. By chance I read a book by Gerald Durrell “My family and other animals”. That’s how started my “obsession” with Greece, in particularly Corfu, and Durrell himself. At that time in Russia it was very difficult to find any books of Durrell. But any time I read one it was like a best present I could ever wish for… When I was fifteen I found address of Durrell Zoo in one of the journals devoted to nature. And I dared to write – dared because at that time it was very rare to send or receive any post from abroad (fifteen years ago). To be honest I did not expect any reply although still hoped. Can you imagine how happy I was when after few months I received a card from the Zoo! As I could not become a member I was advised to send to the Zoo Russian cards and stamps devoted to nature to be sold in the Zoo shop. And that’s what I was doing all past years, never really expecting to visit the Zoo itself. But miracles happen – six years ago I went to UK to study and then started working in London. But only last year I could actually go and see the places and animals Durrell was writing about – his precious Zoo, the place where every corner and idea lives with Durrell. My only regret was that I could not meet him in real and tell him how grateful I am for the knowledge and love and joy he gave me and thousands of other people through his books. And how many lives he saved…

Anyway, I am a member of the Durrell Wildlife Trust already for few years and planning to visit Jersey this autumn for the second time. I am sure I will enjoy it as much as the first time and will try to come back again and again. For me it is like living my long wished for dream…

Thanks again for all your work and inspiration!

 Nadia -

Hello. My name is Gal gingold and i am a student from Tel-Aviv university. we have a zoo and we are doing some conservation of animal. we have a large population of more than 25 Bald Ibis which are in great danger of extinction from the wild. the problem is that we dont have enough money. can you please help us. Thank you

- Gal Gingold

Durrell - FOREVER!!!


It's my old dream to visit Jersey Zoo. I live in Ukraine, and your site makes Jersey closer to me. I hope my dream will come true and I want to thank your for your work.

 Denis Dyachkov  -

Have read it. The T.S page. Wish I had a mentor like him, wish I had a mentor like Jerry, wish I was not so ignorant, wish I could do smth.

Som any wishes, nothing comes true.

Ill carry on with local researching, and actually-achieve nothing.

Tal MoD -

Hi, I was researching a topic for a speech in my Grade Six class here in Hudson , Quebec and my mom mentioned that my passion for animals and the environment came from one of my ancestors, it was in my blood.  My paternal Grandmother is named Shirley Durrell and she was a distant cousin of Gerald Durrell.  I am researching your Trust and Jersey Zoo and any additional photographs/literature that you could send me would be appreciated.  Some day,  I would like to visit it in person, it looks amazing.

 Thank you
Garrett McMullen -

Gentlemen: I have written an article about interesting cures used by doctors. It’s target is the 9-14 year old children.

I do not intend to copy or use photos from the website, but would like to cite the website in my article. Please advise how you would like me to write the citation.

I am particularly interested in the article about poison dart frogs.

Thank you for your consideration.

John D. Kovac MD Family Practice Department - dkovac@yahoo.come

I can't find anything on the internet about Leslie Durrell. Do you know what happened to him?

Steve -

I am at work researching new ideas for our website and I want to let you know that your site looks good, you have great information. ..

Kelly Socha

My memories of My Family And Other Animals from school linger on. I have read it so many times, it is a joy to read.

 Steven Hubball -

I came to your sight to get a picture but I got more than that I got a gallery of pictures thank you

I was doing a project on Gerald Durrells animals for a nature diary and this site was extremely helpful thanks!!

Ireland  -

My daughter is attempting to do a report on the lady bird spider. Can you tell us how they catch their food? Thank you for any help you can provide.

Laura and Brianna -

I like very much your site. ? Anybody has My family and others Animals in video or DVD in Spanish ? please mail me. I don´t found anywhere. It´s for a naturalist 9 years old. Thanks.

Chema -

Having read your site and all the books of Gerald Darrell in my native language (russian) i would LOVE to read them in English. It;s a problem to get them for me in the stores. It would be highly appreciated if You'd be so kind to send me either the sites where i can download the books or some other method. I would be very much glad by this opportunity, because Durrell is my favourite writer, and i would love to read him in native language.

Lesya -

Is it possible to rent the White House at Kalami? Whom might I contact?


Nigel Krauth -

I have just returned from our holiday home up in the hills above Sfakera in the North of Corfu. As is common in June, the place was infested with snakes - a large brown one, I believe is an Ochiea, a slim black & white checked one, I believe is of the Adder family, a long very slim black one, and a small green one with a reddish horn.

Discussing these with the locals I get a total divergence of opinion as to which is harmless and which lethal - the only thing they agree on is they hate them all !!

Forewarned is forearmed, so I have trawled the Web looking for a 'directory' of Corfu snakes which will advise me which snakes are dangerous and which harmless - which was when I came across your site, and hope you can help !?

Tony Bovill UK -

Love Theo & the Durrells. Thank you so much for compiling all this wonderful information about the much-loved Theo. Well done! I'm looking forward to the pursuit of some of the works you listed that mention Theo or are written by him. Thanks!

Shauna Griffith -

My name is Christopher Moss and I am a Associate Producer for BBC Television Drama currently working on a potential single film of "My Family" which we hope to shoot on Corfu during September this year. I was interested to see on your web site mention of a villa near the Perama road which is very similar to the "Pink Villa" but has not been extensively altered, I would be grateful if you could give me a more precise location so I could arrange for one of my location managers to take a look.

Best regards

Christopher Moss Associate Producer BBC TV Drama -

I am a Biologist from Colombia that with other colleagues have written the field guide of Colombian Mammals. This book is almost finished and we do not have a picture of Chrysocion brachiurus. We would like to know if you could donate one picture to our book. Of course, we will put the credits of your picture.

We have received donation of many pictures and at this time we are looking for money to print 1000 copies of this book. We do not have commercial interests and with the money of the sales of this book we will do a fund to print other books in this related area.

We hope you could help us.

 Alba Lucia Morales Jimenez Biologist

I have your website on my favourites and enjoy it very much. I had read some of the "Durrells" books in my youth and ended up going to Corfu for my Honeymoon in '74 staying in Perama. My worn books have now been read many times by my family and seem to have a timeless quality that only children seem to possess.

One day I intend to re-visit.


 Clive Cook

Having read the book "My Family and Other Animals", I have been enthralled looking over this nostalgic, and haunting website

Gill Plane - Essex, UK

Hello, I I am coming to the Uk next month and I am planning to come to Jersey to the Zoo. I grew up reading Gerald Durrells books and so I felt it is imperative to make a visit. ...

... I live in a small place called Boat Harbour In NSW, and we have a big population of Echidnas nearby and occasionally in our back yard. I was surprised to see them on your website, Thet are very endearing,We also have koalas , kangaroos, goanas and all sorts of natives and we are lucky to see them so regularly here, ...

Kind regards Judy Calder ,Boat Harbour, NSW

Judy Calder

We just came back from a holiday in Corfu especially for my 14 yr old son who loves the book My Family and Other Animals. he especially wanted to find tortoises ,we saw not one, and were horrified to see the empty spray canisters and tanks of spray and bare ground under the trees everywhere, we had come to Corfu thinking it was a wildlife haven, we were sadly disabused, and very concerned by what we saw, I wanted to see wild flowers etc, if all this spraying is done then I am not going to visit Corfu, what happened to traditional management of olive groves, sheep and intercropping beneath the olives, no wonder we drink bottled water the ground water must be very contaminated, it is a great crime, what about the flowers in spring etc, the tulips and narcissi and so on, is there any where cultivated organically in Corfu? What about the honey, it must be contaminated with the organophosphate, I suppose the arsenical sprays(?) formerly used on olive tree flowers are banned??? Also we could not find a copy of your book of walks on Corfu!!

.... I must add that if it wasn't Lebacid containers we saw, it must be some kind of Herbicide, every where there was nothing for a tortoise to eat, ground under the trees and extending down roadside banks obviously sprayed to kill all vegetation. At Agios Stefanos, the West coast one, the stream flowing on to the beach was blocked off to allow vehicles on to the whole beach, affecting the ecology of the stream and it was upsetting to see this happen whilst we were there. Seems to be not much control over development of villas and houses , hillsides that should be untouched had tracks bulldozed right on the edge of the cliff, a winter of rain and these will soon be eroded into the sea, taking the houses with them.


I was hoping you would be able to help me. I am a student at Wimbledon College of Art, London. I am in my final year of a 'technical arts and special effect for film and theatre' degree course. My final piece is based on Gerald Durrell's book The Talking Parcel - which I read many times as a child. I intend to make a 3D sculpture containing parts/scenes from the book. During my research I discovered that cel animation of the story had been made in 1978 by Cosgrove Hall Productions Ltd, directed by Brian Cosgrove. I cannot find this to buy anywhere on the net, HBO (who printed it) have it listed as out of print and not available to buy. I am wondering if you have any idea where I might buy a copy or if you have a copy you could lend me from your archives. ...

Ruth Winstanley -

Your web site is so great!

Thanks for your time and effort.

 Victoria Heisler Columbia, Maryland -

Hi there: I have been a Gerald Durrell fan since I was a young child and while doing research on Corfu for possible relocation in the future I found your website.

It is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Roger Travis -

Hello. I have been trying to find a video or DVD for the TV version of "My family and other animals" by Gerald Durrell would you know where I might be able to source this. Many thanks.

 Michelle King -

I was wondering if you had the gorilla Jambo incident video clip at the Jersey zoo. I'm doing a research project on what is human: what is animal, basically going against the differences between both. This video would contribute greatly in proving of "human emotions/intentions"

Danielle -


I wonder if you can help me I am trying to find out who composed the music for the above programme please as it is driving me mad and I would like to locate it

Hope you can help me I would be truly thankful

Many Thanks and great Web site

Tim :)

 Tim Norris -

Dear website My name is edgar i think that you should send out fliers so people wii give suggestions'like put real Aye-aye pictures in here Bye!

Edgar Baltazar -

Dear Sirs/Madam, In regard to Mr.Gerald Durrell's humorous account of how a baby anteater, unusual pet entered his life, in the title Sarah Huggersack .

We quote below the following in his book about naming of the anteater

"How about Sarah?" I suggested; "she looks like Sarah somehow...........

I know --- let's call her Sarah Huggersack."

We request your goodself to let us know, who is Sarah, her personalities / Notable Character, etc., for our teaching aide.

With Best Regards,

 S.Satish -

l haven’t visited the zoo, but l’d like to say something about G. Durrell’s books. They’re my favourites. l”ve loved the animal world since the very moment l started reading them. l say GREAT MAN!!!

I am a colored pencil artist. I am currently working on a colored pencil painting of green tree frogs. I would like to purchase reference photographs which come with the permission of the photographer or do not have a copy write. Thank you for your help

Laney Sniffen, LPLarts (colored pencil art) -

Thank you for the memories of a time I did not share but did.My introduction to G.D. was My Family and Other Animals, given to me on my departure for France by my son's school principal..My two young sons and our dog Yam left New York City for the wilds of the South of France in 1972..and the principal was taken by the romance of our coming adventure..5 years later ..our lives were never the same.

Thanks again for the site and to G.D.for all the great books.

I shared them with my sons and now his children.

G.D. did more good for this world than anyone I can think of. If only there were more like him.

Thank you for preserving his memory

Cassandra Einstein -

Thank you for opening up a whole new world for me to explore. Can't wait to get started!


Gerald and Lee Durrell, "household names". Loved the books, tv series etc, my favorite naturalist manual of all time, THE AMATEUR NATURALIST" , when I saw this book in the bookstore the first time, I bought it immediately. It was everything I loved to do in the natural world, and how and with what to do it. I now have 2 copies.

"My Family and Other Animals" enchanting!, when I read this book I was carried away to Corfu, and felt everything young Gerald did.

A request, PLEASE, PLEASE produce "the Amateur Naturalist" TV series on DVD and any other past series, I have looked high and low for this series to no avail. Anyway I'm a huuuge!, fan.


Jeffrey A Heupel

Minnesota, USA


Subject: Just to say thank you

Hi there,

This is one of those odd emails, easily cast aside as being from a crack pot or a sentimental old fart. But not so I insist - honestly.

I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely web site - I'm an IT manager spending his days in a high pressure work environment - alien to all that is wonderful in this endangered, glorious world of ours. I see loads of technically clever and inventive Internet & intranet sites and portals, but it is content that matters most and I haven't enjoyed looking at a website for pleasure for years - but I love this one: it is full of little gems and the care of the authors (of both the website and the literary authors themselves) shines through.

I hadn't read any of Theo's work, though even as a child reading the books, he was someone I really would have loved to meet. What beautiful and moving poetry he wrote and how painfully aware of the transience of our brief, mortal existence. I shall try to find some copies.

It is thirty years or more since I read most of the books of Gerald Durrell (and Lee) and I am going to read them again.

So thank you anonymous web master and contributors, thank you very much.

All the best

P.S. I shall do my best to send a contribution to the work of the trust - afraid I'm financially challenged however, so sadly it'll not be a lot, but you know.

Alistair -

You have very good web-site! Bravo!

I'm Tassos - the owner of the White House. And I want to welcome everybody to visit my web-site and White House for the summer holidays.

Thank you

And see all of you in Kalami

 Tassos.- the White House Kalami Corfu -

Gerald and Lee Durrell, "household names". Loved the books, tv series etc, my favorite naturalist manual of all time, THE AMATEUR NATURALIST" , when I saw this book in the bookstore the first time, I bought it immediately. It was everything I loved to do in the natural world, and how and with what to do it. I now have 2 copies.

"My Family and Other Animals" enchanting!, when I read this book I was carried away to Corfu, and felt everything young Gerald did.

A request, PLEASE, PLEASE produce "the Amateur Naturalist" TV series on DVD and any other past series, I have looked high and low for this series to no avail. Anyway I'm a huuuge!, fan.


Jeffrey A Heupel

Minnesota, USA



Gerald Durrell has been my hero since I was introduced to his books in secondary school (in England) and learned about the wonderful work he did for wildlife conservation.   I now live in Australia and am planning a trip ‘home’ soon, during which time I intend to visit Jersey Zoo, which I haven’t been to before.

I have been perusing the websites and come across a few of Gerald’s drawings, and I was wondering where I could find more – are there any published in any books or anything?

Another thing I’m curious about – did Gerald and Steve Irwin ever meet?  It’s so sad that 2 of the world’s best people are no longer with us.


Lin Cox -

Absolutely beautiful site! When I'm down I just need to come here and I feel like I am there with Gerry at this beautiful place. These books are my favorites and this site just adds to the love. Thank you!!

 Agi Osma -

I have just been told about this wonderful Gerald Durrell website!  My whole family loves his books and we also are avid fans of Lawrence Durrell.  (I feel that Lawrence's books are sophisticated and elegant but Gerry's Corfu ones are more accessible and just completely beautiful.)  We spent time in Greece in 1962, visiting Cyprus and Crete also, although not Corfu.  I get completely lost in Gerald's books and then a sadness or a longing comes over me to experience what he did, almost like a dream.  He had an amazing amount of freedom of a good kind.  That childhood he wished he could give to people is not really possible now, probably.  I experienced some of it living in the country in Sonoma County, California in the late 1950s. 

Thanks for the site - it's hard to describe what it means to us to have it!

 Kevin Feigen -


first I want to thank you for the beautiful and interesting page on Theodore Stephanides:

Unfortunately there is a small mistake in there. Under the heading "1934-1938" you mention Henry Miller's "The Colossus of Maroussi Island". The book is called simply "The Colossus of Maroussi", as Maroussi is a northern district of Athens and not an island.

Thanks again and best wishes,

Andreas Matthias, HRZ - 

I am from New Zealand and if I ever get to travel overseas this zoo is most certainly one place that I will be seeing.  Love all Gerald Durrell's books and think that his ideas on conservation were well before his time.  What a fasinating life.



I just came across your site and am amazed at the gorgeous photos. I am mainly interested in the monkeys, chimps, orangutans and other apes. Are these photos for sale  and /or  is there a book of these photos?  Thanks,

Sheila -


The above are from the many emails we have enjoyed receiving from site visitors from all over the world


The Keeper of Words

'The trouble with most - if not all - parrots is, as I say, that they're taught by humans. That's why they do not know what they are saying, because the humans never explain to them what they're teaching them' ... 'Do you know how many words there are in the English language? '

'No', said Penelope

'Hundreds', said Peter.

'More like thousands', said Simon.

'Quite right', said Parrot. 'To be exact, two hundred thousand words. Now the average person uses the same words day in and day out'. Here his eyes filled with tears, and he pulled out a large, spotted handkerchief from under his wing and blew his beak. 'So', he went on, his voice shaken with sobs. 'What do you think happens to all the words that aren't used?'

'What happens to them?' asked Penelope wide-eyed.

'If they are not looked after and given exercise, they simply fade away and vanish, poor little things', said Parrot. 'That's my job. Once a year I have to sit down and recite the Dictionary, to make sure that all the words get the correct amount exercise, but during the year I try to use as many as possible because, really, one outing a year is not enough for the little fellows. They get so bored, sitting there between the pages'.

THE TALKING PARCEL © Gerald Durrell 1974




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